Corning: Gorilla Glass And Lotus Glass To Protect Your Smartphones


Would you like your smartphone being transformed as a toy in your kid’s hands? Well, there is a company that creates glasses to protect your touch screens from your kids to your keys in your pocket… and sometimes from Gorillas.



Steve Jobs and Wendell Weeks

Corning, which subsequently failed with their earlier predecessors of Gorilla Glass, has got a world wide reputable place in the mobile phone market with their product. Gorilla Glass was initially a breakdown for the company, but Steve Jobs found its use, when his initial iPhone prototypes were found to expose scratches on its touch surface when placed in the pocket along with the sharp objects like keys. Steve Job’s constant compulsion to Wendell Weeks, the CEO of Corning, made the company to manufacture screens for the iPhone back in 2007.

The glass is very thin, strong and is extremely scratch proof. Later different versions of the glasses are used in different electronic items and smartphones. Now, Corning has released the second version of the glass, that is 20% thinner than the previous, Gorilla Glass 2. [For manufacturing process, read here]. The latest news about Corning is that the company is working with Samsung to create a new screen, Lotus Glass.  

Gorilla Glass: It is more like an outer cover to the screen surface.

Lotus Glass : It is the most advanced version of the Gorilla Glass with high thermal stability, higher response time and more. This will be designed as a layer used within the LCD panels. This will be a combination of both the technologies, Gorilla and Lotus Glass.

If you’ve got one protecting your screens, you can no longer worry when your little ones use it. Your phone has got a shield now :)

This post was first published on September 12, 2012.


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