Mazda’s SkyActiv 2 Engine Has Lesser Carbon Footprints than Electric Cars


2014 Mazda 6

The Japanese automobile company Mazda has come up with a new hope to reduce carbon emissions beyond the scale of an electric car. Mazda’s SkyActiv – G Generation 2 engine claims to produce less carbon emissions than that of an electric vehicle, in which carbon footprints still exist when the electric power is produced on the long run by the electric drivetrain. Mazda also promises that this will be fuel efficient and cost effective in most of the aspects.

Mazda’s SkyActiv 2 engine technology is believed to deliver 30 percent improved fuel efficiency along with a decreased carbon emission. To achieve such efficiency the company increased the compression ratio of the SkyActiv 2 engines from the previous SkyActiv 1 engines. The SkyActiv 2 engines have a compression ratio of 18:1 while the SkyActiv 1 engines have 14:1.

By increasing the compression ratio, the thermal efficiency of the engine is improved. Besides, the increased air-fuel mixture ratio aids in the improved fuel efficiency.  The SkyActiv 2 engine adopts the Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI), which compresses the air-fuel mixture to a high pressure, where the mixture ignites itself without the aid of a spark plug, due to the high pressure.

Mazda has to come over certain challenges for these adaptions in the gasoline engines. A few drawbacks have to be cleared off before the engine is fit to be driven. The engine might misfire at higher rpms, if it revolves too quickly. This can also happen at lower rpms due to the low temperatures. The other factor to be considered is the high temperature produced, due to the high compression ratios.

Mazda has planned to unveil the engine before the end of this decade to meet the 2020 European emission control norms. If you are planning to buy an electric car in the next three to four years, maybe you can consider a much more efficient engine like SkyActiv 2, and wait for years, commute, or even carpool to show your love to the planet.

This post was first published on April 1, 2014.

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  1. Milenko Manojlovic

    I have 2014 Mazda 3 manual, I don’t like the skyactiv engine! Its slow in rev maching, the throttle is sensitive at first 10% ! Nothing like my protege5 I still own that sings like a true n/a 2l running rich!