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Yet another global warming article, with more specifics focused on the hybrid generation – My kinda generation perhaps! The world isn’t safer anymore, as it narrows down to a divergent realm of destruction from its own innovations and inventions. Let me cut the usual lectures about the global warming, and jump in to the part where we will analyze the current generation’s responsibilities to prevent global catastrophe.

The reason I term ourselves as the hybrid generation is not that we drive hybrid cars and live on the edge with all the cool techs that any generations would have craved for at the right time. We are hybrid, because we are born at the right time to experience the advancements at the right time. We’ve that perfect amalgam of experience and sparkle to save the world, with what we have learned.

From this hybrid generation point of view, what the world needs now is more than a reshaping and overhauling. Though major states have hybrid vehicles on the run and some solar plants peeking out, it still points out in the open that it doesn’t even come close to the carbon balance in the world. On the other hand, these are the practical examples how countries have reduced a mere part of CO2 emission.

It’s all in the mass media that depicts and encourage the use of products and devices that contribute to the global warming. A rather different claim is that they are the ultimate influence in global warming. The unorthodox claims include the depiction of muzzle cars and that “vroom vroom” pick up stuff, blazing 50 to 70 laps of cars and bikes racing one another, and a list that goes beyond the level of developing permanent void in the hearts of riders. Though these claims seem unimportant when compared to the major emissions around the globe, there is radical reason lying around it and would definitely create chaos in the world without races and movies.

What you can do?


It’s in the past where people worried to carpool with strangers, and feared if carpool might take the fun out of driving. In this social centric world, the reasons are obsolete and more people love to network with strangers online. Carpooling is a good strategy (sometimes) to build your network of stranger buddies and business tycoons. And yeah! The global warming part, you can significantly bring down the greenhouse emissions.

Electric Vehicles

How about carpooling in an electric vehicle? This is more than just an effort to save the planet.  EVs though have that evil joule effect, is still far better and safer than any ICE automobiles that give you a hard time with maintenance. Moreover, the safety is assured with the automatic transmission systems with a heavenly acceleration and a precise control over the smooth pathways. May be the forerunners would love the stick transmission, but with a practical and rational mind, the automatic transmission system sounds louder and safer. Major countries have already flooded the streets with automatics everywhere and still the sound should reach louder to the developing nations too, as their GWP (Global Warming Potential) will obviously be the highest.

No coal please

Burning Coal for the electric grids is the other major sector that contributes tons of green house. Though states have entrusted on the windmills, and solar plants, the requirement and encouragement of such puny green industries are as low as for any similar technologies. Innovative concepts like the solar chimneys and windmills that produce higher efficiency than a conventional windmill are on the rise and the hopes on greenhouse balancing is quite gleaming.

If everyone could do the above three things, it is possible to cut down the major contribution of global greenhouse emission, as transportation and electricity sectors are the major contributors around. You can further save the world in a better way by planting trees, recycling and reusing, reduced use of air conditioners and all possible ways where you can minimize the emissions.

What you need to know?

Captain Planet

The only thing you, a hybrid geek, need to know is that the practical mind and a rational thinking is the only key to open up the minds of the fellow earthlings and let them know how important the ecosystem is and make them understand the triviality of the entertainment stunts. Once you get the idea of estimating the global impact of carbon emissions on your own rather than finding it online, you are fit to be the ‘Captain Planet’ of your neighborhood.

What the world needs now?

The world needs two things to balance itself again to a paradise. A conscious and coherent mind to analyze the current climate change and correlate it with the facts they hear from the ‘Captain Planet’ s around them and a will to cast their vote to the right people who are so eco-centric and really love the planet as charming as a ‘Captain Planet’ like you.

This post was first published on March 26, 2014.

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