Flexible Li-ion Battery: Flexible Future


Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has finally come up with a stable and fully functional, flexible Li-ion battery. They have also demonstrated a fully functional electronic device with the flexible battery and a flexible display fabricated on a plastic substrate. The battery has a high bending curvature angle and possesses a bragging right of the highest charging voltage of 4.2 V and a charging capacity of 106 μAh/cm2. The high curvature angle is attained by placing the battery in a mechanically neutral plane, as the tensile stress would keep them neutral.

The following video shows a demonstration from the lab with an LED connected with a bendable battery:

Commercially this could help powering the flexible display concepts in the labs. The emerging flexible OLED concepts when combined with the flexible power systems could revolutionize the vogue of reading.

Its obvious that with this rate of ‘flexible’ electronics, soon the world would negate newspapers and turn on to a flexible e-paper.

Well… You just gotta wait for two years :)

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This post was first published on August 10, 2012.


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