Holograms Can Be Touched: Tokyo Scientists



It was an envy to see Tony Stark handling all the holographic shapes with his AI Jarvis. Scientists from Tokyo has exhibited a holographic interface prototype that makes you to touch and feel the holographic images and objects that are projected in the mid-air a few distance from the projection surface.

They use two method, as mentioned in the above video, first method Holo to project the images in the mid-air, 30 cm away from the display screen with the help of concave mirrors and the second method to make you feel the object with the help of Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display.

The feel of the touch is produced by the tactile display system that utilizes the phenomenon of acoustic radiation pressure. When you interrupt the ultrasound’s propagation, a pressure field will be produced, which literally pushes the object and creates the sensation of touch. The technical abstract can be found here.

The tracking system is done with the help of Nintendo’s Wiimote. There are two Wiimotes fixed at the corners that constantly track the 3D finger movements of the person using it.

The 3D technologies have started their invasions ever since George Lucas showed it at a high fictitious level in the movie StarWars. Later the invasion was fueled when technological progress have been made in the 3D and Holographic fields, and sparked up a lot of innovations that would lead to a better application of these technologies. The above is just another spark in here, that would evolve better in the forthcoming years and sounds promising to deliver the world, a touchable holographic display.

This post was first published on September 7, 2012.


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