LG Smart Scan Mouse: A Portable Scanner/Mouse


Drag and Scan


Few months ago, LG revealed a mouse that can also be used as a scanning device. The mouse can almost scan everywhere and the scanned text can also be edited with a OCR. The scan button is on the left of the mouse just like a gaming mouse and one can scan it with a tap.

The real-time scanning image of the object being scanned appears on the screen as you scan so that the user can scan it precisely. The rough edges are later cropped out the required content.

The text recognition feature is a great feature in this mouse. The scanning is really fun when you use the mouse, it appears as of you are wiping your screen to reveal the document. The scanned documents are in 300dpi and can be stored in (PNG,JPEG,TIFF,BMP,PDF,XLS,DOC) formats.

This post was first published on November 25, 2012.


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