EyeSeeCam: A Camera Controlled by Your Eye

EyeSeeCam! Remember this? Its a 2008 unique award winning gadget. Its nothing but a camera that is mounted in a special goggles, and the uniqueness of the camera is that it tracks your eye movements. Apparently, you can control the mounted camera with just eye movements. You can virtually record everything what you see. It’ll be very useful for a doctor to teach his students with the video he recorded with the EyeSeeCam.


The camera uses two main technology to provide such capability to the gadget. The first one is an ultra-mobile eye tracker that tracks the position of your eye very quickly up to 600Hz frame rate. The second one is a camera motion unit fitted with servos that drives the camera as you eye moves. The video recorded has a resolution of 752×480 pixels.

EyeSeeCam VOG is unique in that it offers a combination of unprecedented functionalities in a lightweight design:
  • head impulse test
  • 3D examination of horizontal, vertical, and torsional eye movements
  • real-time data analysis with 4 ms latency
  • digital cameras with frame rates of up to 600 Hz
  • spatial resolution of down to 0.01 deg (RMS)
  • battery-powered laptop mobility
  • optional AD/DA interface for external synchronisation
  • recording of head movements by an integrated 6-DOF inertial measurement unit
  • head-centric calibration with integrated laser projector
  • WiFi remote control, e.g., by an iPod / iPhone / iPad

This post was first published on July 20, 2012.

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