Yebis 2 – Silicon Studio’s Next-Gen Photorealistic Game Engine is Incredible


Silicon Studio’s next-gen game engine demo is too awesome and is extremely photorealistic. This post-processing engine, Yebis 2, includes awesome lens glares, motion blur and depth of field effects. The rendering engine is just a tech demo here. After all, for a post-processing engine, this Yebis 2 is stunning and the render is beyond perfection.

Yebis 2 Game Engine_Geekswipe_Res_1

Though this engine could deliver such photorealistic effects, it is highly unlikely to see it in action in any games yet. This might be a game changer in realism for games and CG projects, exclusively for that involves Silicon Studio. Here is a video that is rendered and post-processed with Yebis 2

This post was first published on April 8, 2014.


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