Wickr: An App to Protect Your Privacy (Self Destructible Messaging, Encryption and More)


The NSA surveillance issue has set a wildfire around the globe and has raised the awareness to consider privacy at the top most priority. In this world of cyber life, we never know what or who might be reading our messages, mails and important details over the messengers we use. To protect the private world and give the users their right for privacy, a company has come up with a military grade application with the state of the art encryption protocol. It insists that the app would be completely opaque and is suitable for private communications.

The co-founder Robert Statica says, “Wickr not only offers the most secure form of correspondence but also helps protect our users’ contacts as we anonymize this information before it leaves the senders phone. Wickr does not collect any personally identifiable information on users nor can we read any messages or contents sent through Wickr, therefore, no criminal or rogue government can take them from us.”

The app is FIPS 140-2 and HIPAA compliant and it is encrypted with a military grade protocol, AES256, ECDH521, and TLS. Wickr uses AES256 to protect data and ECDH521 for the key exchange. RSA4096 is also used as a backup and for legacy app versions. Wickr also uses SHA256 for hashing and Transport Layer Security (TLS). Encryption keys are used only once then destroyed by the sender’s phone. This application also has features that include a self-destruct sequence, choosing specific recepeients, locations and more features with the premium app.

While this app is been around for a while, it just got up to the limelight after the whirlpool caused by Edward Snowden, which raised the alarm levels of individual privacy concern.

The app is currently available for Android and iDevices.

Android – Download
iDevice – Download

This post was first published on September 24, 2013.


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