How To Transform Your Android to The iOS 7 Look?


iOS7 for Android

Apple slowly irons their interface as they unravel iOS7. If you are a person who envies on the looks of your buddy’s iPhone interfaces and theme, I’m here to help you transform your android phone to look almost like the iOS 7. First things first! I will guide you through the necessary packages you want to install and the steps involved in doing that. (If you are a windows 8 freak, check this article on how to transform your android device to the windows phone 8 look).

Install iOS 7 Launcher


There are plenty of available launchers from the google play, most of them reflect the iOS 7’s look and feel too. Out of all the apps, it might be a little confusing to choose the best launcher out of the ocean for new android users. More like, looking for a goldfish at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. You could go with the popular ones like ADW.Launcher, but you might want to spend the rest of your life installing the theme, the icon packs and all other addons. I suggest you go with Espier Launcher.

Download Espier Launcher 7

Install iOS 7 Lock Screen


The iOS 7 Lock Screen Parallax HD is one blissful lockscreen for android that mirrors the iOS 7 and it does have great reviews. There are also a few alternatives like the Espier’s newly arrived iOS 7 screen locker 7, but its still has its own issues to be fixed. Its better to go with Parallax, as it is really awesome and exactly gives you the intended iOS 7 effects!

Download iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD

Install iOS 7 Control Centre


Control center, the tiny tray that opens with all your controls and essential options, is the next thing to install. This app helps you to rapidly control the system functions such as Airplane Mode, WiFi, Wireless, Bluetooth, and the usual quick launch and stuffs. I recommend iOS 7 Control Center – iPhone and Espier Control Center 7 (it has no blur effect though :/ )

Download OS 7 Control Center or Download Espier Control Center 7

Install iOS 7 Notification Centre


Next stop! The notification center! Without any options, Espier’s another iOS 7 app is the only notification app available on the play store.

Download Espier Notifications 7

Install a iOS 7 Dialer – A Final Touch


Espier got it covered too. This free app seems to have all that we need for the iOS 7 dialler and contacts and I hope there is no better choice. except the paid apps: ExDialer 7 Theme and Espier Dialer 7 Pro

Download Espeir Dialer 7

Hope the above apps would be more than enough to have that apple look on your device. If you are still nerdy about a complete transformation, here is a list of apps that could finish the job.


iOS 7 Browser


iPhone 5 iOS 7 Wallpapers HD

Live Wallpapers

iOS 7 Live Wallpaper

iOS 7 Live Wallpaper 3D


iOS7 Calculator



The Epic Touch – iOS 7 Fingerprint Scanner for Android

iPhone 5c/ 5s Fingerprint Lock [It’s just to add up to the iPhone look, it does not read your fingerprints for real]

Hope, these apps would bestow you with the serenity from the apple’s iOS 7 looks besides the power of an android system. Comment your thoughts below and do let me know if you happen to find any better apps.

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This post was first published on November 27, 2013.

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  1. Nijanthan_V

    I’ve used this app “iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD”. The ads in this app is growing and there is an issue too, the HOME BUTTON unlocks the screen. Even the updated version has the same issue.