Image Enhancement: The Movie Tech is Here Now


Its the bond season and most of you would’ve fallen from the skies and sitting like a spy. Well… for the least you would have binged or googled a few gadgets to show yourself up to a bond rank. That would sum up all the cheap pen or a watch with a camera that takes a blurry image of something you click. The Super Spy captures a blurry image! oops… The bond in you is dead.

Nevertheless, you can still show your spy skills to your friend with a software that have appeared only in movies so far. Remember the movie, ‘Enemy of The State’, where a corrupt CIA uses his techy agents to spy on Will Smith with all the cameras around the grid? At the very beginning they stumble on an blurry image of Will Smith caught on a CCTV camera, which was later “enhanced” to a higher detail by a fictitious software.

How long could that be fiction here? Its out now from the hands of Vladimir Yuzhikov, the creator of SmartDeblur. The SmartDeblur is a tool for restoration of defocused and blurred images. Written on C++ using Qt 4.8. Algorithm based on several deconvolution technics (Wiener, Tikhonov, Total Variation prior).


The above are the demo images from the software to test it, and when I tried, it seemed pretty easy to be an ‘enhancement spy’. (Why should the CSI guys have all the fun? )

Main functions

  • High speed. Processing of an image with the size of 2048*1500 pixels takes about 300ms in the Preview mode (when adjustment sliders can move). But high-quality processing may take a few minutes
  • Real-time parameters changes applying (without any preview button)
  • Full resolution processing (without small preview window)
  • Deep tuning of kernel parameters
  • Easy and friendly user interface
  • Help screen with image example
  • Deconvolution methods: Wiener, Tikhonov, Total Variation prior

(Full Article about the software: here)


Its time to search your old blurry images :)

This post was first published on November 10, 2012.

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