Mozilla Popcorn Maker Turns Your Videos More Interactive


Mozilla has launched its Popcorn Maker 1.0 a web based video remixing suite that would make videos hackable and editable over the web with the power of HTML and JavaScript. The good part is you can easily bring in all the media elements into the videos with a ‘drag and drop’ interface. You can also remix video projects by anyone and share it with your friends.

The hot feature: Its pure HTML and can interact with other elements and use JavaScript to annotate the videos with realtime information like location, tweets, links, Wikipedia articles and more.

The video, which remained as the passive element in the web is now made into an interactive one with the help of HTML 5 and Popcorn Maker from Mozilla.

There are a few little bugs though: you’d obviously miss snapping of elements when you work with multiple layers.

The rest are all the pros. Now you can easily juice up your videos to a more vivid and a transparent level and make it more livelier with your embedded links, tweets and Maps.

This post was first published on November 13, 2012.


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