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Learning to code is more or less the hardest part for any programmer in this planet. It may sound easy, but trust me! The learning is the hardest part. It’s not the syntaxes or the language architecture that makes it hard, but the way the human learns it that makes the task arduous. Here are some suggestions that would help you learn to code the proper way.


It’s your mind and you had to choose the language that your brain loves. I chose Python, as it seduced me at the first sight. Beyond the enticing nature of the language, I fell in love with its other robust aspects. I am a beginner like you. I came to this decision after a spending only a few minutes on GitHub. Before you begin your journey, choose your language wisely. The entire internet is at your disposal for that. I hope you are smart enough to ignore biased responses from fanboys and experienced programmers. Listen to your inner-self and chose the right language.

In my opinion, the easiest language to learn would be Python or Ruby. They are pretty much straightforward and have a very good community that would help you out. If you are into web development, PHP will be the very first language anyone would suggest. Besides, C and C++ will be a mandatory language to know.

Fear not, I know it is confusing to choose the best/right one out of this. The answer to this is straightforward too. There is no best thing. Every language is the best in its own form. Your only goal is to tell the machine to do a job. You only need to choose the simplest and easiest language to do that.


To learn something one needs patience. It took me a while to control myself and accept this. I’m a learner like you. At the very beginning, I had this frustration when I didn’t understand the codes. I even stopped learning for a while. Later, I accepted the sour truth that it happens to everyone who begins to learn something. Whatever that is going on in the codes, you should believe that it is something that you will understand very soon if you concentrate on the resource that you trust in. Keep calm and maintain your inner peace. ;) Be cool and don’t let anyone ruin your mood.


If you want to learn the best of everything, you should choose the best resource for learning. To find out the best resource, there is a wide range of programming communities, again at your disposal. Nevertheless, not all minds are alike. So if you find an unpopular resource useful, go ahead and listen to no one, except for credibility of the source.

If you are confused, always go for the official documentation. Nothing beats the documentation!

Muscle memory

This is the most important thing of all. Whatever you do, keep practicing it daily. Spend time in your codes and type everything that you learn from a book or website. Never copy-paste any codes. As you type the codes, you are automatically training your brain to adapt and relate to that syntax with muscle memory. This is more like your kindergarten classes, where you were supposed to practice your alphabets and numbers.

With all this in place, you can slowly and steadily learn how to code all by yourself. Good luck.

This post was first published on October 14, 2012.


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