Get Weather Forecasts in Command Line


Screenshot of the weather update in command prompt.

I’m a big fan of cURL and use it for almost anything that requires a quick slam from the command line. And why not weather updates from the comfort of the command prompt (yep, I still use Windows)?

Wttr is cool service that responds with some nifty weather info with cute arts.


Also has a support for geolocation, so lazy monkeys like me can ignore the extra time required to type the city.


And a few more fun stuff!



Check out wttr on github for more features. Best experienced from a Linux terminal.

Weather updates in command prompt (Windows)

If you don’t have cURL installed on Windows, you can stop reading and install that. It will come handy when needed, trust me. But if you really don’t want cURL but just want to get weather updates, you can use the finger protocol to request data from finger services like

finger [email protected]

Weather info using finger on Windows.

Checking the weather often is not fun, but doing it from the command line is always! Have fun! But remember not to abuse the services as they are not built to handle any ginormous requests.

This post was first published on April 21, 2016.


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