Firefox’s Australis Interface Will Surface in Either Firefox 29 or 30


Firefox revealed their Australis interface a few months ago and notably the user interface was widely tested and debugged in the nightly builds. Now, the Australis interface is yet to be revealed in the Aurora (pre beta) too.

Australis bring in a native clutter free look, which would be comfy for the chrome users. The interface in the nightly channel, finally removed the orange Firefox bar that still exists in the standard version of the Firefox browsers. The block tabs are now transformed into curved tabs that fade into the background, indicating only the current active tab. The overall look and feel of the browser is enhanced and it will persuade the aesthetic minds better than their previous experience. Here is the screenshot of the nightly build on windows 7.


It seems that Mozilla will either reveal the Australis interface in Firefox 29 or 30 as per the scheduled dates April 29th and June 10th, respectively.

This post was first published on February 5, 2014.


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