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Andy is a free Android VM that emulates a Jelly Bean Android environment on your Windows PC besides the ability to use your smartphone as a joystick for your favorite Android games. This app lets you to play all your Android games seamlessly on larger screens without losing your normal gyro controls of your smartphone, besides the touch screen capabilities. You can also use Andy by synchronizing with your Android device using 1ClickSync App and have all your communication apps on your desktop.

Andy Android Emulator is a VM that runs on VirtualBox and obviously, the performance is not quite satisfactory for most of the users. I tried running Andy on my XPS – Core i7 with 6 Gigs of RAM and my buddy’s XPS with 8 Gigs RAM (even when it’s optimized for virtualization). It awfully performed on both the laptops and there is no way I could get anywhere near to the games. As Andy is just a sprout around here, it is nothing more than a beta android emulator and it seriously needs a beta tag under it.

Though BlueStacks lacks the Android UI, it still stands good, performance wise and it is always good enough to use some communications app on the desktop. I’d suggest you to use Bluestacks, if you need to use communications apps like Whatsapp on your desktop. Andy Android Emulator on the other hand sucks awfully with a hell lot of performance issues. Though, it is worth a try if you love to play android games on your laptop. You might also be able to play games remotely, if Andy works fine inside your VM.

To get started, download Andy Android Emulator (with Oracle VM VirtualBox) here. To use your smartphone as a joystick, you should install an app on your smartphone, which connects both the devices through WiFi. Though the app is not listed on the Andy website, you can download it from Dropbox here. As it is a direct download, use proper settings to install the APK file on your smartphone.

Update: Andy also has a Facebook support group. Follow this link.

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This post was first published on April 28, 2014.

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14 Responses

  1. Derothy

    Same crap! I downloaded it and re-installed it four times. Such a slug! Uninstalled it!

  2. HotDemon

    It works! But a better simulator would be Android-x86! Way cooler.

  3. Balncin

    I don’t know why it fails for a lot of people. Mine runs smooth. I even played Asphalt 8 on my laptop using my smartphone. There should be a possible explanation from their website.

  4. pallu

    Why not GenyMotion?

  5. Jager

    Great man. Thanks for the support link. There is an Andy fix in that group and hope it helps others.

  6. Earl

    “It awfully performed on both the laptops and there is no way I could get anywhere near to the games.”
    I tried this on four different computers and still visualization for this is quite hard to catch up with. Thou I could play some huge games like transformers for like ten to fifteen minutes before it crashes or freezes. I hope they put a beta tag soon. lol

  7. Traveller

    Yeah, installed this crap, it didn`t work at all, uninstalled it and got left with stupid icons in the task bar thingy, wish i knew how to get rid of Andy.apk.exe and HandyAndy.exe icons


    • Dave

      Just delete.. Maybe :)

    • If you’ve completely uninstalled the software, just right click on the icons in the taskbar and select Unpin this program from taskbar. If the icons are present on the desktop, just delete it :) Hope this helps.

  8. De Nova

    Andy might be an adware too. I just learnt that Andy’s publisher ‘Search Safer, Inc’ is and adware company. Why the hell do we need this if we already have Bluestacks *pretty eyes*

  9. shawn mark

    where does andyroid save my pics if i decided to save them