A Utopian Internet


A globe overlayed with a colourful blur representing the internet.

The modern web is just a bunch of cheap monopolistic nodes powered by gullible swarms and vile scums. It’s true even if you choose to ignore these specific nodes and live in the dark outbacks of the internet speedway. That corner of the web, the one that you think is open and not tainted, well, there is a very high probability it is in one way or the other. So how should it be then?

A perfect internet

Information flow should be raw like a deluge where no forces except nature itself have the control. But on the web, we have a very few information polices who channel information into different nodes where it gets manipulated and censored every day.

So a perfect internet should exactly be unfiltered, giving the power back to the people to filter out the nonsense and assimilate the rest in their true form. In other words, if the internet is for people, then it ought to be a democratised one.

From ISPs to internet search providers, information gets a punch in the gut where it doesn’t agree with the hive minds of a few. This may well not agree to your quest for searching a recipe, but it sure is the case with domains that intersect with geopolitics or any fields where the information has an adverse effect.

Only by letting the raw power of information flow out there, we give ourselves a chance to experiment and adapt to the noise and sounds of news and information. A self-organizing and self-filtering mass of common transparent smaller nodes made up of entities like you and me.

Such a transparent, uncensored, free, neutral, and open to all web is a utopian dream that can only become a reality when everyone supports community-run open-source goodness and stands up against conglomerates.

This post was first published on July 17, 2012.


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