A Hard Truth on Social Media


The Internet has become a ground to palaver about things that don’t contribute anything to society or yourself. It’s just a coy, a tricky and well-planned one crafted by the corporations who don’t care about your mental health or your well-being.

Every platform out there is a cunning web of algorithms stealing your precious time. It’s inevitable for a group of financially motivated humans to run a platform without desecrating its purity.

I once again remind you to trust yourself and start your own medium to publish your thoughts. That way you won’t be dependent. You will stop seeking made up rewards. You won’t be censored. You won’t be banned for your novel notions. Your data won’t be constantly mined for opportunities. Everything you write will be yours and yours only.

Write what’s yours, on what’s yours!

This post was first published on July 27, 2012.


Karthikeyan KC

Aeronautical engineer, dev, science fiction author, gamer, and an explorer. I am the creator of Geekswipe. I love writing about physics, aerospace, astronomy, and python. I created Swyde. Currently working on Arclind Mindspace.

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