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Photograph of an orange inside a freezer.

How Long Can Food Be Stored in the Refrigerator?

We, humans, feed on plants, animals, and fungi. And boy, we like it fresh, don’t we? In this edition, explore why foods spoil, the process of decomposition, the preservation techniques, and find out how long food can stay unspoiled in a refrigerator.

Browning apples in a plate.

Why Apple Turns Brown When Sliced?

Have you ever explored why apple slices tend to turn brownish when exposed to air? In this edition, we are going to find out the science behind this color transition phenomenon called as enzymatic browning....

What Happens When Fruits Ripen?

Fruits are more delicious when they are ripened fully, and sometimes exquisite when they are at a certain point of time during the ripening process. So what makes them delicious? Why the fruits ripen and...

Why Are Bananas Radioactive?

I hear you… Yes! Bananas are radioactive. Not just bananas, but also most of the objects you encounter in your everyday life are radioactive too. Indeed, even you are radioactive! Let’s focus on bananas for...