Fiscal Fantasy: The Death of Evolution?


When you go on with this post, you might find this post perplexing. If you are about to say “Karthikeyan needs a practical knowledge and a professional advice!” as soon as you skim the first half of the article, I’d suggest you to go on till the end and reconsider your statement.


The Reality

It is a common thought that infringes my social spree: “Why are we here?” “How are we here?” The question breeds deep and increases the mass of my curiosity and makes me to think beyond my capability. Questions are numbered, but the answers for those are outnumbered to gigantic extent. But still, every question does have an answer. Being humans, we have speculated a few possibilities of our origins, and even the universe’s. We brag about these things every time, as we have done something ultimate. This thought impedes our imagination and puts us in a slow phase.

The universe around us is so vast and we don’t even know where we came from and what are we capable of. It is just that thought that hinders our evolution. Homo sapiens are not the ultimate end product of the ‘Life’s’ grueling phase of evolution. Evolution is endless, and we got to evolve further with our only power of imagination, applying it for our assistance in the name of technology. This is must be the ultimate reason of every living being on earth.  But, what happens here is totally different and is insane.

The Fantasy Paper

A large number of people as an alternative to the reality choose a different path and live in their fantasy world. The world where a single paper invented by themselves ruined their minds and turned them craving for it. Now, the reality people are hindered more in their phase of research by one of the fantasy people’s term: MONEY. They forget that science must be granted anything that it requires for its success. All they care is about their livelihood and soon forget their life. The world would have been a lot better if the ideas like money, religion and power were not formed in one’s brain. The course what we are in now is totally insane and is pointless.

We are born, taught to pursue money and happiness, and as a final point we die. 90% of the world population lives such a pointless life.

The Ten Percentile Humans

The remaining 10% lives a whole different life. Enduring themselves in the midst of this chaotic world, they work hard and push their brain to its extreme to find the mystery behind us and unearth what our real intention is. Those people must not be limited with resources; they got to be given anything they need for their research and further proceedings.  Again, it is the system that has to take the blame for the impediment in the phase of evolution. Stop wars and continue the evolution.

This post was first published on March 19, 2013.

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