Only 30% of the People Read an Article before Sharing – A Tiny Research Says


Last week, we made a little fun at our readers for some experimentation purposes. Though it is obvious that most of the people share articles and news without actually reading them, we wanted to make sure that our readers are different from others, which we did not. As our tiny research from the previous experiment presented us with some staggering results, here is the brief review of what we have found and how it freaked out us.

First, I admit that we had a little failure from the hashtag identification as only a few had the time to hashtag their tweets and other social media posts. Moreover, from that as we found, there were only a few commented on the post.

We then decided to bring in the analytics report specifically for that post and deduce the actual readers from it. As math geniuses were sleeping, I took the liberty to plug-in some wires, analyzed the 6783 hits (as of the time of writing this article), and compared the bounce rates. However, it seemed that it fairly played as the article is too short and the report made no sense.

Just like losing a CoD special ops mission, a new strategy arrived as I clicked my way through tweets and the graph search. Unfortunately, Google plus had no idea what I was looking for. Finally, when we drafted all the figures up (approximately), it became clear that only 30% of the people actually read the article and had the time to share it online. 40% of the readers actually shared it just for the title. 25% lay around pondering over the web and just sharing it with no idea what the title says. And… yeah… The 5%! Bots…

Though the approximate results show up a good proximity of the reader stats, it is apparent that we still have a little hope left in the humanity and people do read. We thank all of our swipers who actively participate and contribute for this little research of ours.

This post was first published on February 26, 2014.


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