Transparent Smartphone: A Prototype from Polytron Technologies


screenshot polytron
Transparent smartphones are around the web ever since the concept phone designs thrived during the time of greatest mobile releases. The sci-fi world added the fuel for the geekdom’s hankering of such a device, from their versions of the movies. Transparent phones have joined the race now. Polytron, Apple, Nokia, Samsung… the contestants are busy with their own versions.

Last year, a few glimpses of ‘transparency’ emerged from the hypes. (Transparent OLED’s, flexible battery and a few unofficial announcements from the consumer companies). Polytron Technologies have taken the pride to bust all the hypes about transparent phones by revealing their prototype of a real one.

The phone has a multitouch transparent OLED with a conductive surface filled with liquid crystal molecules. The device is believed to be available in the consumer market by the end of 2013, with more features like a transparent microphone, speakers and touchscreens on both the sides. Though there are a few opaque objects like the SD card, batteries and a few circuitry, the prototype looks so promising as shown in the following video (Courtesy: Mobile Geeks):

This post was first published on February 21, 2013.


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2 Responses

  1. I dont see any processors and circuity in the phone… will they make that transparent too…

    • As this is just a prototype perhaps its just for the display… As the CEO of Polytron Tech said that the company will introduce a full transparent phone by the end of 2013, we’d have to wait for the updates from the company abt the processors :)