Electromagnetic Rail Gun: Future Weapon


Rail guns are believed to be the ultimate weapon of a ship. The rail gun project of the US navy is to develop a hypersonic one. The Office of Naval Research along with BAE has come up with a rail gun that fires a bullet at a staggering 5600 mph. To add up more accuracy the bullet is guided by GPS. This munition is designed so that it is reconcilable with the current naval weapons. The weapon is built to shoot down enemy missiles more faster and to destroy enemies far away. It was considered almost impossible to build such a weapon with the current technical challenges and due to congressional opposition the project was stopped and later resurrected under navy’s pressure.

“Announced on July 19, the new program is called Hyper Velocity Projectile, and the Navy hopes that researchers will find a way to design bullets that will work both with naval artillery guns like the Mark 45 and its rail guns, weapons that will hasten “the end of the dominance of the missile,” Adm. Gary Roughead, the former top officer in the Navy, told Danger Room (WIRED) in 2011.”

‘Potential-inflight-retargeting’ as the navy calls it, is a proposal for steering this bullets mid-air to change the target or to precisely hit a moving target. this makes the weapon the master of its kind. The bullets will be used form a Mach 8 rail gun and are expected to reach 200 miles.

After a seven years of research and 240 million dollars spent the navy is looking forward to make a live demonstration as soon as possible to make it available as the naval surface fire support. This technology would be made available to the naval ships within 2017. The development of these munition involves deep research in long range projectiles, miniaturized electronics and warhead technologies to integrate it within an UAV. The funny thing is their motto: “Speed Kills”Whatever the technologies may be, the military all over the world is keen in producing weapons more lethal to prove their dominance. The railgun is one such show off from the US military.

This post was first published on August 2, 2012.

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