Rock Paper Scissors Robot: The 100% Winning Robot


Researchers at the University of Tokyo have entered the game of Rock Paper and Scissors. Their high speed robotic arm is the contender for the human opponent. Obviously the robot cheats you by detecting your move equivalent to the superhuman speed and wins every time. The following video would show you the reason why should you stay off the robot when it challenges you for a game:

Being very fast, the robot can detect your moves before you can reveal your move and it reveals its winning choice faster than your eye. So winning an R-P-S game with this robot is impossible. AI of the robot is used in this trivial game after it has been immensely deployed in the computer version of Chess. The only difference in this case is that its just a mere physical AI, whereas the Chess was considered as the boon for the development of AI in the machine level thinking.

This post was first published on June 28, 2012.

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