Privacy Statement

You see those advertisements in our site? They track you! Unfortunately, Google won't let us control that. And if you are wondering, it just follows you to the pages you visit and fetches keywords you use in search boxes, to target ads. If you don't like that, you can turn off cookies and ask Google not to be evil. Besides that, we have Disqus—that use cookies to help you discuss with us. They don't track you. :)


A Cookie is a cute little tiny file that stores your browsing state and preferences of the websites that you visit. We too use cookies to help our server remember that you have already visited Geekswipe so that they could wink at you and improve your experience. Unlike the third-party services (Evil Google) we don't track you.


We collect your email address and name from the contact forms around Geekswipe and Curiosity. That is, we only collect this when you enter the details in them voluntarily so that we can contact you and say hello. We never sell these details to anyone.

For the tin-foil hat freaks

If you are still paranoid about your privacy, use TOR.

Privacy Policy – TLDR

We don't track you. O:)

Our advertising partner is Google—almost 75% of the websites you visit have Google ads. Google might track you to show relevant advertisements. They are evil! Disable cookies if you don't want to be tracked. But you won't be able to log in and use other features of Geekswipe. :(

We use Disqus, who also use cookies to provide you a better service. :)

We don't sell any personal information that we collect to third parties or any parties. O:)

We use SSL. This makes your connection to Geekswipe encrypted and secured. :)

Your privacy is protected. Keep smiling and explore Geekswipe. O:)