You see those advertisements on our site? Don’t see it? Good! You might be using an ad-blocker or any extensions that protect your privacy by blocking the ads. But if you do see any advertisements, you should know that Google tracks you! Unfortunately, Google won’t let us control that. And if you are wondering what it tracks, it follows you to the pages you visit and fetches keywords you use in search boxes, to target ads based on your interests. If you don’t like that, you can turn off cookies, or block all the advertisements (and perhaps ask Google not to do that).

Besides that, we use CloudFlare as our CDN to deliver you the contents a little bit faster. CloudFlare uses a cookie named ‘__cfduid’ to assign a unique ID to your device to mark it as trusted. They don’t track you.

What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a cute little tiny file that is sent by a web server to your computer, to locally store your browsing state and preferences you set on a website like Geekswipe. We use cookies to help our server remember that you have already visited Geekswipe so that they could wink at you the next time and improve your experience.


We collect your email address and name from the contact and comment forms around Geekswipe and Curiosity. That is, we only collect these details only when you enter them voluntarily so that we can contact you and say hello and send notifications for your questions and queries. We never sell these details to anyone or publish it anywhere.


We respect and advocate privacy and anonymity on the internet. If you choose to visit and interact on Geekswipe anonymously, you are welcomed. However, if your TOR nodes are listed in any spam database, you might get blocked by our autonomous anti-spam measures. You can either chose a different node or use a VPN.

For more queries, please contact us here.