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About Geekswipe

About Geekswipe

What Geekswipe helps people learn and explore scientific concepts, ranging from basic physics to higher-level astronomical concepts in a simpler and comprehensible way. With an integrated community feature, Geekswipe helps geeks connect with each other...

Long exposure photo figuratively representing car sickness due to high speeds and sharp turns.

Why Do We Feel Car Sick?

It’s only when you are half way up the hills in a car with power steering, you realize that filling up your tummy and sitting in the backseat is a bad idea. I happen to...

A motorbike leaning to his left to make a left turn.

Why Does a Bike Lean in a Turn?

When a professional racer approaches a steep turn, he/she leans almost to the ground to make the turn. Have you ever tried to analyze the physics behind this? Why is it so important for a...