How Temperature Affects Your Dreams


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If you are a person who nitpicks on the temperature of the room at night, you might have experienced the change of dreams with the temperature. Temperature of the room plays a vivacious role in giving you the required conditions for the sleep and for the deep REM sleep, where dreams occur.

The Temperature

The temperature of your room influences the set point of your brain. Every night, your brain’s set point for the body temperature goes low. When there is an abnormal temperature in your room – if your brother fights for the hottest temperature – your body struggles to reach that set point. This makes you uncomfortable and eventually pushes you further with abnormal sleep. This change in temperature affects your dreams.


No two human bodies would have the same set points and obviously, one’s comfort temperature will be an abnormal temperature for the other. So the two possible solutions are either you should kick the other one out of the room (Which you’d all be happy to do if it’s your sibling) or you could set the thermostat to a normal temperature around 65 – 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Numerous studies also show that the majority of the population found it better when they slept in a dark (melatonin secretes better in the absence of light) and cold room rather than inside a room lit moderately for the night ambiance. Such relaxed state of sleep will eventually stimulate the dreams livelier and you would have the best wake up scenario ever.

Probably, you could forget the snooze button forever.

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This post was first published on March 27, 2014.


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