10 Journal Ideas that Could Change Your Life Forever



Life can push you into the dungeons of boredom very soon and often you would somehow find a way to crawl back to look up at the vanilla sky through a TV show or a rock solid sci-fi movie, that defies science and probably torment that geeky brain. (Yeah! I’m talking about Primer!) However, these TV angels could be nice to you; there is something that’s always cooler than those are, which could be a game changer. Here are some best journal ideas that has the potential to change your life forever.

1. Dream Journal

Though the world can still record dreams and machines can replicate what we think, nothing can beat the eloquent penned version. Writing a dream journal is the most profound experience I ever had in my life and it does aid me in my lucid dreaming saga. Dream journals could also help you become a High Dream Recaller. Follow these few tips to remember dreams better than ever.

2. Confession Journal

Confession journals are one good way to ease of your mental battles and let you off the pressure forever. Though this seems a bit unearthly for a geek, it does have some rational sense in it to confess to some empty pages rather than fighting it internally for nothing. Sometimes, when you look back at your confession the world might tell you a lot and help you look back the path you walked.

3. Time Capsule Messages

This turns interesting after a few years, especially when you look at your journal comprised in the form of videos and photos to give you back the memories from the past. More like a time capsule message, you can swore yourself not to open these messages until certain time. This could make one good interesting journal not just for you, but for that special, someone in your future, and of course your offspring.

4. Ad Hoc Entry

Making an impromptu entry is one essential activity for a geek, as the way our mind works is most often perplexing and we certainly have no idea what could pop in to our mind anytime. This tiny journal could help anyone to remember some awesome things and even it helps the neuroplasticity of your brain to remember things better.

5. Family Journal

This is more like a ninja katana, extremely sharp on both the edges. Just for fun, you could install it in the house, make a pact among the family members, so that each one of you can read it without the knowledge of the others, and live happily ever after, knowing what’s on each other’s mind.

6. The ‘I owe you’ Journal

It’s so easy to let someone off your memories or build up a grudge on someone for no reason. It’s that ‘I owe you’ part from the past will re build the broken bridge. It is also good to have entries on the people who have helped you a lot. The gratitude journal is the best choice to remember them, and may be… It could help writing your memoir.

7. Development Journal

Your mood swings, personal achievements, wishes, everything contribute to your development. Why not list them all and track your progress throughout your life. This indeed helps you learn things from your past life and tweak it on the go. More like a preventive maintenance of an aircraft engine (Sorry for this terrible analogy), you can predict your moods when you look at your progress with a subjective eye, contemplating the objective necessities of your life.

8. Hypothesis Journal

We’ve all been there. A weird hypothesis about the beginning of the universe to the weirdest hypothesis on human mind, that bugs us every night during our NREM sleep. No matter how funny it sounds or how complicated it is, a written notes of that could eventually develop up on the fragments of itself day by day and may be it could stand one day as a theory if you could solve the puzzle. The solving part becomes so easy.

9. Travel Journal

Dream destinations, and a record of your own destinations could definitely change your life in a way that pleases you the most. The urge to travel to different places could spark right from that little journal of yours. Maybe you can get yourself a travel buddy if that journal could be a public blog. Take a cue from the millions of travel blogs around the internet and go start one today. And hey… Don’t forget that camera :)

10. Video Journal

This is the best way to log one’s life and the least difficult thing for the procrastination fans, in the world. Recording your life is so easy with a click and a little log at the end of the day with a ‘Captain’s log… stardate’ reference would be a better one. Maybe you should have to prepare yourself for that YouTube comments that might slice your life sometimes, or you could just ignore them.

Bonus idea: A Selfie Journal

No… No… Not all your selfies of the day in a single entry…

Make yourself a selfie log, with your picture at the end of the day. Try to remember that day from that pic a few days later, and if found cool, may be try spanning it to the whole year and see how cool your life was, the previous year.

Grab a pen, or create a blog online and start logging your entries. We are interested in your stories too. Share it in the comments or link us your best moments and we will run a story on your life.

This post was first published on March 7, 2014.


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