Wind Up Battery: Charge Your Battery Anytime, Anywhere



A desperate need at the time of emergency is CHARGE! You might run out of gas in the middle of nowhere and would’ve been waiting all night long to get a hike. Suddenly, you find that your flash light has juiced out its energy from the batteries and you no longer can charge it. Pikaboo… Here is a concept to fix those problems. Wind up batteries to charge your batteries anytime, anywhere.

As all the devices are now getting too close to our daily list, we do need something to charge the batteries in case of emergency. Qian Jiang, has found a way of charging the traditional batteries.

The wind up battery can be charged manually and electrically. Electrically it fits right in to the charger slot, and can be charged traditionally when you are at home. Manually, you can simply slide out the crank from the wind-up battery and start rotating it to juice it up. The internal dynamo generates the necessary electricity from the crank movement.

There you go! Now you can use your own muscle power to charge the batteries (AA and AAA). A tiny warm up too :)

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This post was first published on September 23, 2012.

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