Watch Dogs: Will It Be The Next Big Open World Game?


While every geeks around the world are eagerly waiting for the grand release of the fifth installment of the Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto, a game with a strong theme focused on the information warfare, with a significant thought about hacking, slowly surfaces. Rockstar teased its GTA game more than enough to attract every open world gaming fans out in the world wide web. Meanwhile, ubisoft is consistent with a few teasers and trailers that includes a lot of gameplay videos and graphics about the game and revealing the core concept of the game, Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs


What would a guy do, if he gets the control of the centralised computer that governs the entire city’s essential networks, power grids, traffic control and other networks including all the devices, from a mobile phone to the emergency response computers. Well… You would have to be that guy and find out what it would feel like to be in the shoes of a mastermind. You either can be a crusader fighting the crimes or a thug bringing chaos into the world.


You play the role of “Aiden Pearce” a hacker who possibly has the control of the CtOS, the Centralised Operating System of and alter reality Chicago city. The gameplay and trailer videos hints that the plot will be more focused on this character fighting the city crimes besides the main missions, which can only be known after the release of the full version.


Little known about the gameplay, the videos shows us the tactics and features including the time warping reflex mode during the chase sequence, using all the digital devices around the game world, and manipulating the entire city, using it as a weapon. Even the character can be escaped from an arrest by causing a temporary blackout form the mobile phone access to the CtOS. The graphics are rich and realistic as the in game world seems a bit more livelier than the GTA world.


Since 2009, Watch Dogs development team is so passionate about competing with the leading open world games, and Ubisoft with its utmost care has also developed a special game engine for this game named, Disrupt. As ubisoft is so thrilled with this game in their hands, they have planned to release it in December. Ubisoft has also confirmed the major platform of the game will be Microsoft Windows. A special information from wikipedia, is that Ubisoft also involved Kaspersky labs to make the game more realistic.

Geekswipers, this year there is going to be a war, not just between games… The engines have taken their position equally to compete for the best place. Major contenders like the astounding Frostbite 3, Disrupt, Cry Engine 3, Unreal Engine 4 and Rage are going to be seriously reviewed more than the games themselves.

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This post was first published on August 13, 2013.

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