Uncommon Ways to Charge Your Phone Battery For Apocalyptic Events

Lightning bolt - an Innovative way to charge your smartphone without charger.

Yes, you can!

Imagine an apocalyptic world. Meh, right? Now, imagine walking around in that apocalyptic world looking for electricity to charge your phone. Scary, right? Fear not, fellow traveller, some of our resident geeks of Geekswipe have chipped in their crazy and brilliant ideas to charge your phone battery in case of disasters and emergencies.

Hand crank battery charger

A logical and obvious choice if you are looking for a simple carry around solution. Pry open any old appliances like a printer or a computer or your quadcopter and find that BLDC motor and take it out like you’ve found the treasure of your life.

And now you have a generator, a long-lasting one, that can bestow thy device with electrons so you can post memes about the apocalypse. Get some gears out of toys, get creative with your crank system. And if you get to attach it to your bicycle, bonus charge for your device as you wander around trying to figure out farming and other stuff. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Oh in that line, you can probably build a generator powered by water, or wind, and voila, you will make enough shells or bottle caps that you can start a plant and monopolize the post-apocalyptic smartphone charger market.

Solar smartphone charger

Need we say anything more about this? Instead of scavenging any existing solar phone chargers, go scavenge some solar panels, some wires, USB, and a voltage regulator. Now you will have your phones on even when the days are dry and you have forest fires everywhere. Thank you, Sun. 🌞

Along with the above two methods, hoard some power banks before the world collapses and you are good to go for a very long time, or at least until you run out of your survival movie collection.

Hamsters running on a wheel

Get a hamster. No? Can’t? World ended? Okay. Get a rat, or a rodent, or a cat, and a wheel. Put the animal inside the wheel, repeat the generator setup from the first section with the hamster wheel. Whenever you feel like charging your phone, make your pet do the work. Cool, yeah? Great. This is not sarcasm. You CAN charge your phone this way. Go hamsters! 🐹

Lightning bolt

Yes! Lightning bolt. And no, this is still a legit post. Also, no, this is not that lightning whatever you Apple fanboys call it.

All you need is a lightning rod and a regulator capable of regulating the huge potential difference of a lightning bolt, which is in thousands of volts. If you can’t get a lightning bolt or Thor, you could find St. Elmo’s Fire on the horns of the cattle and use it to charge your phone.

If you still think this is a joke, Nokia actually did try this and they succeeded in charging a dumb Lumia phone by generating a static discharge with a transformer.

Marty McFly this without melting your phone or electrocuting yourself, you will have your device charged in a flash! ⚡

Happy surviving! ☮️

This post was first published on July 22, 2012.

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