Top Five Funniest And Furious Gaming Moments


When a game really gets deep inside the mind, all hell breaks loose when the master of that game gets defeated by someone and one would obviously turn into the HULK and bring upon destruction to the console or the machine. This usually ends up either very funny or furious enough that the console would be destroyed. There are a few people on the internet who gave me a hard laugh today and they are listed below based on their funny and furious reactions towards the fellow gamers. This list is selected from random videos and if you would like a mashup of the 2013’s best, you would wanna head straight to youtube and immerse yourself in any one of the thousands of countdowns. (which we are tired of it ;) )

5. Black Ops 2 – The Troll Master

4. The XBox Treatment

3. The Fury

2. The Funny

1. The Rage Rush

These gamers in the following montage deserve the first place and let them all share it without a fight ;) (Also watch the Part 1, 2 and 3 for some old and funny montage)

Well it’s just the formal mashup of some really funny and furious gamer reactions and you could also find similar videos on youtube. Share your favorite videos in the comments and let’s share some laugh together.

This post was first published on December 14, 2013.

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