The Plan – A Very Short Game With a Strong Message



Today I found a steam recommendation for an indie game name, ‘The Plan’. As the description goes, a little fly ascends to the skies wondering what to do in its brief existence in this world. The aesthetic and emotional strings in the background adds much to the empathy towards the fly, as it tries hard to fly in a breeze and get stuck in a spider’s web.

The camera slowly pans out as the fly ascends to the top. Slowly the dark green leaves fade away and a beautiful sky appear in the backdrop with twinkling stars. Little the fly knows about the outer world, it keeps ascending towards a bright object that sheds glorious rays on it. The rest is up to you to understand what really a life in this planet means. Well, the game is quite brief and the above words are just my views on the game as I’m little moved after the end.

The game is free to download from the website as well as from Steam. Play the game and tell us what you feel.

This post was first published on February 15, 2014.


Karthikeyan KC

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