Charge Your Mobile: All You Need is a Swing


Spin Your Battery


What will you do when your phone runs out of charge? Most of us would search for a charging point or would use another battery. Song Teaho & Hyejin Lee would rather give the battery a few good turns around their index fingers to charge it to a level that is enough to finish a conversation or to take the phone up to the charging point. It is not an eco-friendly or green concept though, its just a method of re-juicing your battery in case of emergencies or at the situations where you desperately need to charge your phone without the charger.

It looks like a pretty cool concept; just spin your battery around your index finger so that you can charge it up again. It’d be a great sight to see teenagers spinning this battery instead of their keys in their finger. I don’t know if this concept could get real, but all I can tell is that this ain’t a rocket science to make it a commercial product. It’ll be cool it is available in a few years. The problem is, the manufacturers must design batteries for all the mobile phone models available in the market. A serious business.

This post was first published on July 22, 2012.


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  1. If you want to know if it works. IT DOESNT.