Myspace: A New Music Space


The new outfit and the suit and tie…

But honestly, there is nothing big to hype stuffs that create big expectations in the new space though. The horizontal scroll, the cover image tradition and an usual sharing platform and nothing much to fancy. My favorite part would be the footer bar which makes my enigma space more livelier with improved options and features to save my playlists and discover more music. The improved buffer rate stands as a good upgrade to the machines.

The Look

Myspace’s connect feature is now improved with an affinity level, which I still wonder how it works, calculates the level of affinity between two connections, matching the patterns of music they listen and share.

The Space

So! What would a horizontal scroll make a difference in the feed? Honestly, It improved the tranquility of the site and added a smooth flavor to the experience and nothing more.

Bottom line

Yet another social space with a common buzz about a new outfit.

This post was first published on January 16, 2013.


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