Los Angeles ‘St. Patrick’s Day’ Earthquake – Funny Live TV Moments



A 5.1 earthquake recently hit LA and this reminded us about the St. Patrick’s Day earthquake of a similar scale in LA that hit a few days ago. Upon a few news searches, we’ve also found a few hilarious yet scary reactions, besides the funny KTLA moment, of live TV news anchors from a few studios during the earthquake.

The ‘popular’ funny reaction was from the KTLA news anchor, Chris Schauble, on air:

“I’ve been in two! That’s an earthquake!” 

Here is an MLB sports talk, which turned into a few minutes of hilarious conversation during the earthquake. Thanks to distractify for the video (No evidence of MLB video on the web… Thanks guys!). Followed by the MLB freak out are the other news anchors from different stations who managed to ‘keep calm and go on’.

[Video from: 0:59]


The Ellen Show:

Ellen popped out a few hilarious tweets too:

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This post was first published on March 29, 2014.


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