How to Find the Best Place in the Movie Theater



We’ve all been there and we should accept that we were down in the dumps, and perhaps even shed a tear when we were left at the corner of the theater. Or sometimes the tyranny is intense that we would be pushed so close to the screen, which gives us the only choice of watching a planetarium show rather than a ruined 3D action flick.

Choosing the right sweet spot in a theater is a common war between buddies nowadays. Most of the theaters employ the same audio system and settings. Either it’s a Dolby or THQ, the calibration is always done to the utmost precision for a better audio experience for everyone in the theater.

So which is the best spot to experience the complete audio experience without ruining the visual treats? The answer is pretty much simple as you would’ve whispered it by now. The center! But hold on… Wouldn’t that be the place where the stereo speakers center the sound? Yeah! But if you sit in the dead center of the movie theater, you might experience neutral sound and will lose a bit of stereo experience.

So the best place in the movie theater would be two third from the front towards the rear. You might also want to try the seats that are slight off the center area to find the right spot where the stereo effect can be clearly experienced. This way, you can enjoy your movie without ruining your audio experience. And hey, no matter if you couldn’t get a seat at the center, you will still experience the movie effects to the best (but not as you experience it from the right spot).

The next time you book the tickets or go to movies, make sure you sit in the right spot.

This post was first published on January 29, 2014.


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