Do We Exist among Invisible Aliens?


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The discovery of an extraterrestrial life could be the major breakthrough of the entire human race. While the researchers are focused on peeping the stars through the telescopes and drilling the planets with rovers, there are many conjectures that are put forward for a scientific analysis based on the facts more than any new world science. As I stumbled upon to one such question earlier today, I structured down a few hypothetical conjectures to look for new answers, that might clear up the thought of ‘Invisible Aliens’ a bit.

The universe is vast and no one knows for sure if ETIs in fact do exist. As Fermi Paradox contradicts the existence of ETIs, there could be a valid statement that tells us that aliens don’t exist. While there are hypothetical conjectures that nullify the paradox, the ‘Invisible Aliens’ will be the most practical explanation, why we don’t see any signs of intelligent forms of life, yet.


Technological Singularity

One possible way to explain this ‘invisibility’ is that the ETIs might have gone through the technological singularity of their own technology and they’d have ceased to exist physically. Much like a computer AI, they would be dwelling among their virtual world. This is one good hypothetical claim that explains their hiddenness. If looked upon generally, it might also sound creepy that they might’ve trapped in it themselves, and this sounds creepier when we know that is about to happen to us in a few decades.

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Metamaterial Cloaking

As the universe is so complex in a wide scale, than we could comprehend, the ETIs might have cloaked themselves as a defensive measure with metamaterials, or even a cloaking technology of themselves that takes them visibly out of the existence. To exaggerate on this, if the ETIs are of super intelligence group, even they could’ve cloaked their planet. As Homo sapiens, the intelligent species we’ve known so far, we have been successful in sparking such materials so far. This leaves us to ponder about an unknown super intelligent alien life who could’ve achieved such preferment centuries ago.

Why haven’t they communicated with us?

These are the two explanations for any ‘invisible aliens’ we could propose (not why an ETI is undetected). If cloaking is to be considered, the ‘invisible aliens’ would already been spread among the planets and would’ve colonized the galaxy. Still, another question stares straight in front of us: ‘Why haven’t they contacted us yet?’ The answer in turn seems so simple that they might be cautious and the way they have seen us since the past, it might have given them a tragic picture of our civilization. Alternatively, in a simple way, we can put it this way: ‘We screwed up big in the past, and the aliens hate us like hell!’ The possibilities branch out and extend like a failed communication attempt by the ETIs or our primitive technology that are unable to detect their communication. Indeed, the reasons could extend beyond the scope of the ‘invisibility’ we are talking about.

The second possibility that we could imagine (like to imagine) is that, they are some super beings, who exists among us in a super stealth way with their cloaks. The evidence for their existence would’ve been sophisticated than we could comprehend, as the rational look at our self and the biological system, could explain why a colony of ants still don’t get the idea ‘why not to bite a human?’. We might be so primitive to them and they just want to have fun watching us or it is just they because they wish to be private.

In order to get the idea of this, we should put ourselves in the shoes (yeah! You get to wear the invisible cloak) of the ‘invisible aliens’ or the aliens who choose to go under the radar. Imagine yourself as the head of the panel that is set to decide whether to communicate the Earth. You are been presented with some surveillance record (maybe) that shows the past three centuries of the planet Earth, as a report from those invisible satellites orbiting around the Earth. You are now bestowed with the responsibility chose the history of a species called Homo sapiens. Would you chose to expose yourself and your advanced technology or would you ‘block’ the Earth from detecting you. Now, decide it for yourself.

This also leads to a hypothetical surmise that the aliens are invisible among us (at least a few/ETIs or Satellites) to report our progress to their command. This might sound too fictitious, but if we could explain and correlate any of the thousands of paranormal phenomena or even if, we could meet the same level of these hypothetical invisible ETI’s wisdom and unite for a peaceful existence, we might end up having alien buddies and yes of course, the invisibility cloaks.

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This post was first published on March 8, 2014.


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