Can Mario Jump Over The Flagpole?



Super Mario Bros. is the very first game most of us had dwelled in and still is a nostalgic and an addictive world for us. No matter the princess is not in any of the castle, we kept on eating as many mushrooms as we could collect countless coins until our head turned purple instead of Mario’s. As far as the Super Mario Bros. is concerned, the endless saga often reminds the 90s kids to explore some weirdness and strange Easter eggs in the games.

Trivia: The cloud and the grass that you see in the game are actually the same image but with a different shade.

The stunt most of the gamers would’ve tried is the leap of faith, where Mario jumps over the flagpole. While this can be done in the world 3-3 with an easy jump, here is a little demonstration on how to do it in the first world 1-1 and run for ever and ever…

This post was first published on January 11, 2014.


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