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No matter how hard you pretend to give that boss look, there will always be that little 80s and 90s nostalgia somewhere around your mind. And the moment when you watch those images or listen to those sounds, your brain refreshes the old memories and still bring up a lot other sweet memories linked with it. My childhood is the best one, and I still watch these cartoons often :) Here is a list of 20 awesome nostalgic cartoons that will take you back to your childhood.

The Flintstones

How could one forget this guy’s car? I bet you still remember his woodpecker camera too… The adventures of Fred and Barney rocked every kid’s life. Though the characters like The Great Gazoo failed, the two families kept it alive for a while.


The Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff girls not only saved Townsville, but also the tiresome day of our entire Kindergarten version. I still remember the evening cartoon marathon right after I land at my home. A comfy couch and a bowl full of cereals would make it up to the end of the show. And then the anticipation throughout the commercials for the next show, Dexter’s Laboratory.

Dexter’s Laboratory

The siblings I always envied since I realized my destined desertion. The prodigy always promises a few minutes of fun and solid entertainment every day. Genndy Tartakovsky had his ingredients perfectly blended for everyone and his show was more than an eye candy for the kids.


The other characters from the same universe, like The Justice Friends are some unforgettable surprises in most fo the episodes. Dial M for Monkey is also a listed segment that reveals the ultimate power of Dexter’s monkey. And here is a few moments to take your mind back to those days.

Captain Planet

The eco-friendly cartoon of the decade is still wandering the realms of our head ever since we envied their rings of the five mighty powers of the planet. Oh, the song! Captain Planet still lives as the hero of the planet fighting the pollution and saving our memories :)


‘More than meets the eye’ Back in those days, I used to see an Autobot in every cars around me. I still do :) No VFX can match the fun that we had in those days.

G.I. Joe

They are the real American heros, not just for the Americans but for every kid in the world. Hasbro’s brilliant cartoon did live a long and awesome life and made the little weekends an awesome action packed adventure.

Swat Kats

The epic show that transformed my TV remote control into a tiny HOTAS for the Turbokat. Swat Kats still tops any 90s kid’s list for its unique cattish universe, not to mention the awesome rock intro theme that injects the adrenaline right from the beginning.


The other cat humanoids that haunted the little us and found a niche in our hearts with their awesome powers battling against the evil.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This show rocked not only the TV hearts but also the Videogame masters of 90s who often traded the 8-bits to watch these TMNTs in action.

The Mask

Cartoon Network’s evening marathon blasts off green with The Mask. Milo’s cute little expressions are priceless memories that faintly stick along with the memories of the hilarious Mask. Thanks to Jim Carrey who nailed the character of Stanley Ipkiss, which all the way gave us this awesome animated series.


Though we still knew that any ghosts would just be another nut case wearing a mask, the show tempted us to watch the hilarious mystery hunt, especially for Scoob…


Still wondering the lyrics of ‘I’m Popeye the sailor man’? The very old paramount pictures logo with Popeye’s pipe sounds still rings a bell and fires the neurons that flashes the memories our hard times with Spinach, as an effort to get Popeye’s mighty strength. A good old friend :)

Johnny Bravo

The beefcake with a pompadour, Mr. Johnny Bravo is our little time Barney Stinson, at least a different variant of him as you saw. This always has a tale to relate within our lives. Though there were only a few episodes, it still one of the top best cartoons from the 90s.

The Real Ghostbusters

Call it the best spin-off series that could be added to the list with The Mask, as it was as good as the movies.

Extreme Ghostbusters

The former action packed fun package continues the adventures from the franchise to the extreme limit.

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

This show literally took the animation and storytelling cartoon to a whole new level, not to mention the epic grand opening credit music that still lives in our devices. The first ever cyberspace we could’ve encountered in our 90s.

The Smurfs

You’ve seen them… You see them… You know them…



Disney’s melodramatic tale of Gargoyles is one fine example and first of its kind cartoons distributed worldwide. Stone by day and warriors by night.

Mummies Alive

The Egyptian mummies fighting bad guys with a little sidekick, the protagonist, Presley and with distributed unique powers with the usual recharge thingy.

Dennis The Menace

The one guy who seriously was our contender back when we are young and mischievous. I guess we have a whole army of contenders right now, but still there is no better contender than his naughty fellow.

Looney Tunes

A legacy of characters and loads of fun all the way from the golden age of animation, the looney tunes show will be a nostalgic mark even in our elders’ hearts. The Road Runner, Wille E. Coyote, Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny and the entire family of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies still wanders around over the internet and thanks to the reviving Baby Looney Tunes show for the short lived fun.



Ed, Edd n Eddy

Although it ran all the way until 2009, the initial daring moments of 1999 to 2004 was the highlight among the entire span of the TV show and the movie. The wooden plank is one piece that really got into our mind even though the beanie and the rest of the stuffs were supposed to.


Batman: The Animated Series

It was more than just a cartoon series, and it’s one of the best batman series ever from Warner Bros. Animation. The animation resembles the film noir ambiance of the typical batman universe, and had the perfect blend of batmanism in it to leave a crater big enough to miss it when ended.

Speed Racer

The speed racer marathon on Sundays were the finest holiday enjoyment ever back in the 90s, and a war would rage between the elders and the kids with an overlay of the thrill and nail biting (little kids… remember?) moments, if demanded the TV control.

The Jetsons

Another sitcom to be listed with The Flintsones! The futuristic tale of dad seeking peace and protection for his family with a touch of comic ingredients.

Dragon Ball

Dragon Balls!  ‘Nuff said!

Tom and Jerry

^_^ My mom loves em’… I love em’… And I bet the next five generations will love em’ too :)

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Another epic show that showed us some good cartoon sense since the 90s.

The Addams Family

Not that creepy as the movie, but it was better for kids as the downgraded traits of the family members did work well giving a smoothie of comical realm of the Addams Family.


Mr. Saturday :) The Marvel’s hero who rocked our world every Saturday is still the first superhero in our 90s mind and no doubt he is our friendly neighborhood :)

The list could never end for anyone. But still I hope that I temporarily teleported you to your 90s life for a while. Do add your favorite shows in the comments or shoot a mail with your lists and we will publish it for you. [email protected]

This post was first published on January 2, 2014.


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