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  •   Arclind Mindspace – A crash course platform for self-learners#10005

    Glad to hear. Good initiative with the reusable course design. I’ll contribute as much as I can.

  •   Can eating food shortly before playing video games affect your performance?#9819

    You are right. After eating, your body prioritizes digestion and the blood flow is concentrated at the core instead of the brain. This, of course, has a negative effect on the performance of any task done, when compared to the same in an empty stomach.

    An interesting take on this is reported here (paywall). In a nutshell, this particular study assumes that the brain might perform better on an empty stomach as humans characteristically have evolved to have a focused brain for our inherent need to acquire food. In mildly starved mice, the hunger hormone (ghrelin) seemed to affect their cognitive abilities.

    On the other hand, consider psychological factors too. There is an inherent connection between your gut and the brain. Emotions of an individual have a greater effect on their performances. If you are hungry, you might feel anxious. This change in the mood can adversely affect your performance too.

    But maybe some people would play well under anxious and stressful conditions. And some may not. And after a full meal, some may find it relaxing and they perform better.

    I am afraid, I don’t have a definitive answer. I play Battlefield (not professionally though). Personally, I’d prefer to play in a relaxed mood after eating or when I am mildly hungry. Maybe you can experiment with full, mildly starving, and empty stomach situations and find the right strategy.

  •   Equation for Newton’s universal law of gravitation for radius 0#9802

    Newton’s gravitational law is applied for point masses only. So when you assume two-point masses overlapping one another, the r is 0. But that’s just the mathematical expression going to infinity. In reality, it is impossible due to Pauli exclusion principle. You cannot have two masses occupying the same position.

    For your example, take a look at Shell Theorem.

  •   Relationship between static pressure and dynamic pressure in a fluid#9665

    The distinction can be better understood if you look at the energy of the fluid with respect to its motion. When the fluid is stationary, i.e when there is no motion, the fluid has no kinetic energy. Which means, the pressure in the fluid is solely due to the potential energy. This is the static pressure of that fluid. But when the fluid is in motion, the potential energy would decrease, while the kinetic energy would increase. Now there is a pressure acting along the stream. This is the dynamic pressure.

  •   Presenting – Cynosure v1.0.0 – Polaris – AKA The revamped Geekswipe!#6214

    The new Geekswipe looks nice and clean. Cynosure is good for sure!

  •   A geek music a day#5420

    Best track in the whole movie.

    Matrix – Clubbed to death

  •   Best geek/nerd movies of all time#5344


    • Lord of the rings
    • The Prestige
    • Live Free or Die Hard
    • October sky
    • Repo man
    • Limitless
    • Pacific rim
    • Back to the future
    • Flight of the phoenix
  •   How to escape the ` character in HTML?#9558

    `Ah! I missed it. Should have thought of it!`

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