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  •   Is copper scientifically attracted to water ?#9758

    The concept you are pertaining to is almost certainly flawed. Guessing on the matter this implication may derive from peasant or peon workers supported by their own patronage, and taking a linguistical approach to morphology in the ubiety or abet in the erection of lightning conductors installed to damp environments (moors, bogs, flooded municipal waste sites and the like).

  •   I'm curious about your wallpapers#9755

    Got A Space Unicorn outline in fluresant pink(under a horse), with a black backdrop. Never actualy got the hooves in the picture as I’ve taken it from a pause I made of a blended GIF I made for K.I.T.T{kight rider}. on my PC.
    Mobile’s got NASA pictures of the day revolution on it from thier web app.

  •   Best geek/nerd movies of all time#9750

    Alien(and the rest of franchise).
    Star Wars(probably{exept 1 to 3 witch were a total mumwipe}).
    Blackbeard, the Pirate (1952).
    The X Files.
    Forbidden Planet[with ROBBIE THE ROBOT].
    The Sarah Young Fantasise.
    mission impossible(film franchise).
    The early Hellraiser set.
    Toxy was pretty sweet{A.K.A. The Toxic Avenger}, albeit the cipher thereafter nine(9) is Stochastic or may be treated as epithetical and excogitated through science and nature.
    Leaving Toxy an undetermined substitute?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)