Would a 100 µW/m2 electromagnetic wave reading dangerous to human health?

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Curiosity Technology Consumer Electronics Would a 100 µW/m2 electromagnetic wave reading dangerous to human health?

  • Would an electromagnetic radiation wave reading of 100 micro Watts per sq meter be dangerous to human health if the reading is every 10 minutes (lasting for 2 seconds) and has been going on for a period of time (months)

    The question is based on this happening to me and my health seeming to deteriorate.

    Any help appreciated.


    – Asked by Chris via the ask a science question page.

  • Hi Chris,

    First and foremost, please take care of your health. Please consult your doctor for any ailments you’re experiencing.

    As for your question, you haven’t mentioned the probable source and type of radiation. Assuming it’s non-ionising radio waves, 100 µW/m2 is way lower than the ICNIRP recommended exposure levels for radio waves, which is 2,000,000 µW/m2 (for 30 – 400 MHz). And given it’s a very short 2-second pulse every 10 mins, it couldn’t harm you.

    The source could be any of your electronic devices—a WiFi router, Bluetooth devices, security camera, or a mobile tower nearby. If you are being exposed to low-intensity non-ionising radiation from these devices, it is very unlikely to cause any issues to your health.

    But if you believe you are being exposed to unsafe radiation levels or high-power microwaves (which could actually cause tissue heating under long exposures), check with an engineer, a local authority, or someone from the occupational health department and confirm if any high-power sources are nearby.

    Hope this helps. :)

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