When sneezing with ur mouth open, does air mainly come out of the nose or mouth?

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Curiosity Science Biology and Medicine When sneezing with ur mouth open, does air mainly come out of the nose or mouth?

  • Hi so I am voluntarily carrying out some research on sneezing.

    Definition of sneezing states that it is making a sudden involuntary expulsion of air from the nose and mouth due to irritation of one’s nostrils’ in efforts to clear nasal cavity of the irritants. So, primarily, sneezing is to clear the nasal cavity of any foreign particles. Sneezing with your mouth closed allows only one exit for the expulsion of air mixed with germs. In doing so increases the chances of rupturing your eardrum or pop a blood vessel in your eye, damage your sinuses, get mucus to places they should’t be and so on. Sneezing exclusively or mainly with ur mouth open lowers, if not nullifies, the chances of the injuries but at the same time the presumed point of sneezing.

    Depending on certain variables, sneezing with your mouth open, generally reliefs the nose from having to deal with all the air and the pressured the air mainly leaves entirely through the mouth or partly also through the nose. So when sneezing through the latter method, more air and germs are dismissed through the mouth compared to the nose. So I believe the real question here is, when sneezing with both nose and mouth open, is more air and germs released from the mouth or the nose.

    It is likely that this is an ‘each to their own’ situation but I personally believe, if germs were to leave your nasal passage way, it is in the form of mucus, which if I paid attention to in school, is a defensive response to capture foreign objects and not really as droplets in comparison to the mouth. To further support the argument, if you were to hold your hand or something that would allow you to determine the differences between the two possibilities, you would notice that a lot comes of your mouth and nothing out of your nose (unless you count the mucus).

    There was much more that I wanted to say but I did not want to go overboard.

    I look forward to your replies

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