What is your opinion on feminism?

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Curiosity Life What is your opinion on feminism?


  • I would like to hear the opinions from both genders, religious & nonreligious opinions on feminism today.

  • As a human, everyone deserves their rights. But looking back at the history and the current scenario, the women were oppressed and had to struggle hard to get that right — even today! So if feminism is all about ensuring women’s rights back and empowering them, it’s not just good and healthy, but necessary. And I prefer the term equality!

    But unfortunately there are people who call themselves feminists, but all they do is blame patriarchy that doesn’t exist anymore and victimize themselves for every challenge they face in life. These bad eggs … I believe they root out from a very misinformed end of the modern feminism spectrum.

    And welcome to Geekswipe @yomdc! :)

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