What are the geeky techniques you use to compose your photographs?

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Curiosity Creative What are the geeky techniques you use to compose your photographs?


  • Hi all. Regular reader of Geekswipe here. I have two photography related question for all the geeks here. What rules or techniques do you all use to compose your photographs? And why? Advices are welcome too. I have just started learning photography and I am very much looking forward to hear some geeked out creative ideas.

  • Welcome to Curiosity @vishnu. For a beginner, it’s obvious that you will find it hard to compose your subjects inside a frame. Indeed, the composition part is usually the biggest variable for any shots. Most of the times, I use the rule of thirds, as it draws attention quicker (and aids as a visual guide for leveling). Ultimately, you will realize that any rule is good! If the subject is captivating, all you need is to capture it in the most beautiful way in which your mind tells you to. Consider that the rule of thirds, the phi rule (golden ratio) and other rules are there as helpers or as guidelines. They are not actually rules per se. The best way to learn photography is by experimenting stuffs. :) Good luck.

    • Well said. The rule of third gird helps me really. In the end it is a guideline after all. I found out that Photoshop has this rules predefined in the cropping tool. Thank you.

  • Kart gave a beautiful answer. In my case, I never use any of these. To level, I just use the focus points in the viewfinder. Even without those grids, you can use these points to approximate the composition naturally. When it comes to leading lines photography or symmetry, it is quick and easy to capture the moment without any distractions. The best time to use such guidelines would be during the post production.

  • Pardon me OP! The following is not a geek advice. It is a general one and if I have assumed the right way, you should have read about it before you posted the question. Rule of odds is the only rule most of the photographers use to compose their shots. The rule of thirds and the golden ration might be guidelines, but rule of odds shows results extrinsically. When you compose a scene, odd number of subjects will result in a visual pleasure unlike even subjects. Try it now! Proven multiple times!

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