Unable to rename or delete .ogg and .opus files in windows 10

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Curiosity Technology Computers and Smartphones Unable to rename or delete .ogg and .opus files in windows 10


  • I downloaded some audio files in .opus and .ogg format for sampling, which I cannot able to delete it from the desktop. Delete key or Shift delete is not showing the dialog box. Right clicking and deleting is not working too. When I try to rename a file the desktop freezes and crashes. There are no answers in microsoft forum. Please help me. I am using Windows 10.

  • Sounds like a file lock. Close the browser and then try deleting the file.

  • The OS has locked your file. You need to use an unlocker to remove that lock and then delete it.

    1. Download process explorer from microsoft.
    2. Extract it and run the exe as an administrator.
    3. Press Ctrl + F and search for the file you are trying to delete.
    4. Once the search completes, it will show you the process that is using the file.
    5. When you click on it, you will find the corresponding process and dlls in the bottom section of the process explorer window like this.
      How to delete ogg and opus files
    6. Right click on each process and select Close Handle for all.

    After closing all the processes, you will be able to delete the files.

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