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  • This is a friendly guide to form your questions at Geekswipe Curiosity. If you choose to adhere to this, your question quality will be improved and it will help the other geeks to answer it in a better way.


    Explain your problem in a brief and clear manner. Do not use single words or any capitalized texts in the title part. It will not help your question in anyway. Look at the example below and form your title in a good way for better help from the community.

    Help! PLEASE! My web fluid indicator won’t work.

    Why won’t the web fluid indicator work in the Web-Shooter SHW-3 model?

    Question content

    If your question is a technical support question, give us as much information as possible. This is clearly shown in the example below and we think it is self-explanatory.

    I got a new Web-Shooter from SHIELD as a gift yesterday. It is so shiny and pretty. My previous one had a web fluid indicator. This one has a similar indicator. It is not working. I am so angry. Grrr!!! Why is it not working? Even after resetting and updating the firmware, it stays as a bricked crap! Damn! I need a fix so bad. SHIELD techs! If you are here PROVIDE ME A DAMN FIX!

    My new Web-Shooter, model SHW-3 has some technical issues with the web fluid indicator. Neither the buzzer nor the LED is working in the device.

    This is supposed to happen: When the web fluid runs out, the indicator should beep and alert me.
    This is what is happening: The indicator fails to beep and blink when the web fluid runs out.

    It appears that there is no power to the circuit at all.

    I have tried these so far:

    1. I tried resetting the Web-Shooter device.
    2. I updated the spidey firmware to a newer version – PP3.3 (build 2931).

    I still can’t figure out the issue. If any SHIELD techs are here, please reply me with a fix. Thank you.


    Use proper tags to help the other geeks in identifying the questions easily.

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