Remove the VMware workstation toolbar edge

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Curiosity Technology Computers and Smartphones Remove the VMware workstation toolbar edge

  • When you use VMware Workstation in a fullscreen mode, you have that small toolbar at the top for some quick VM operations. Though you can hide, there’s that small 1px border of that hidden toolbar that ruins the experience for a lot. So the only way to get rid of that is to hide the toolbar completely when you are using the VM in full screen.

    You can completely remove the toolbar this way:

    1. Turn off your VM.
    2. Open %APPDATA%\VMware\preferences.ini.
    3. Add pref.vmplayer.fullscreen.nobar = "TRUE".

    When you run the VM again, the toolbar will be hidden. To get in and out of the full screen view, you can use ctrl+alt to switch controls to host and ctrl+alt+enter for switching views.

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