Remove "Device is HD Capable" notification in Android

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Curiosity Technology Computers and Smartphones Remove "Device is HD Capable" notification in Android


  • Hi! Is there a way to disable ‘the device is HD capable’ notification permamnently? Googling this only points to one solution: turn off the VoLTE! Anyone here know a workaround to this without disabling VoLTE?

    Using Android L on Lenovo K5 Note. This thing is killing me! Please help!

  • Sorry you cannot get rid off that notification. You can still hide it using the System UI tuner. Press and hold the cog and you can modify the system notification behavior.

  • Ayyyee the dreaded VoLTE notification! Been there! Unfortunately, the only way to disable this is by turning off the VoLTE (which is stupid!). But if that notification is really bugging you, you can root (warning! this voids warranty) your device and use this Xposed module to remove it. For Lollipop, here is the Xposed installer.

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